UltraSlim Lipo™ Cavitation

What is UltraSlim Lipo Cavitation?

Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation is a completely pain free treatment which involves applying a cavitation head, which emits a high frequency sound waves to the area of the body being treated. The head is lubricated using ultrasound gel to ensure a good contact is made with the skin allowing the wave to travel to the fat. Whilst the treatment is pain free, there will be a faint tingling around the area being treated and you may also hear a high pitched sound as the sound waves travel through your skin, zapping that fat! Most clients describe the feeliing like a warm massage around the area being treated.

When the cells have been broken down, we also use Multipolar RF to liquefy the fat which is then processed by your metabolic system as fuel for your body or filtered through your lymphatic system which will process it and then depose of it through your body naturally along with other body wastes like sweat and urine. This is a natural process that takes place daily by your body, the only difference with the treatment is that we also speed this procees up and help to liquefy the fat so it's easier processed which in turn provides an instant result

Once the cells have been cracked, they have been basically destroyed which means they cannot regenerate in order to refill again, giving you your inch loss. But it’s not to say new cells can’t develop, ultrasound lipo isn’t a miracle treatment that takes away all your fat, like with any weight loss treatments, to keep up the results you have to maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. We often say, we can remove 'love handles', but it's entirely up to you to maintain the results through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Which areas can be helped with Ultrasonic Lipo?

The picture above shows the tremendous benefits available from Lipo non-invasive ultrasound treatment. If you would like help with restyling any of these areas of your body contact us for a free consultation.

Problems and areas which can be targeted and treated using Ultrasonic Lipo & Radio Frequency are:  

*Stubborn Fat * Cellulite  *Stretch Marks  *Skin Tightening  * Hips and Thighs  *Waistline /  Abdomen * Stomach         

* Muffin Tops  * ‘Love Handles’   * Bingo Wings/Arms  *Bottom  * Bananah Rolls  *Legs  *Calves  * Face

How much do treatments cost?

Ultrasound Cavitation, Cellulite & Skin Tightening for Face or Body

1 x 30 minute session (including consultation) - £75

3 x 30 minute sessions (including consultation) - £195

6 x 30 minute sessions (including consultation) - £375

9 x 30 minute sessions (including consultation) - £550

12 x 30 minute sessions (including consultation) - £700

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